Stalking and Reporting Camping Activity

Stalking and Reporting Camping Activity

Stalking and Reporting   Stalking and Reporting Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:paper and pencil for each pair of campers.
flag and whistle for game leader.
group roster and pencil for game leader.
Game leader positions himself in a visible location.
People pair up and take a paper and pencil. Each pair is sent off a few hundred yards through the fields and woods so they can no longer see the game leader.

When all campers are distributed, the game leader blows his whistle to start the game.

The objective of the campers is to observe the game leader, noting down all his activity. They should also attempt to get as close as they can to the game leader without being detected.

The game leader should observe the outlying land looking for campers. Each time he sees a camper that he can identify, he puts one mark by the camper's name on the roster.
The game leader should also occasionally do obvious activities such as search through binoculars, read a newspaper, use a compass, sharpen his knife.

If the game leader writes down all the activities he will be doing beforehand, it makes his job easier and makes scoring easier.

When time is up, the game leader should blow his whistle and wave his flag to have all campers stand and wave wherever they are. The game leader should give points for closest pairs. Then, call all campers in. At that time, campers get points for all activities they have written down and lose points for each time they were seen.

Stalking and Reporting Camping Activity