Trail to the Treasure Camping Activity

Trail to the Treasure Camping Activity

Trail to the Treasure   Trail to the Treasure Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:A suitable treasure such as a 12-pack of soda, chocolate cake, supplies for s'mores, ten silver dollars, ... whatever.

For each team:
Map of camp
About 6 small flags or markers
About 6 small bags of candy
2 envelopes
Preparation:Do the set up hours before the game time.
Select a hiding location for treasure.
On each map, draw a route to take to get from campsite to treasure - a completely different route for each team.
Along each route, hide a bag of candy and mark it with a number for the team.
Notes:This wide area activity takes some set up but is a great activity for teams to work together.
After the set up is completed, put each map in a separate envelope and seal it. Write the team name on each envelope. Place these envelopes at the defined starting point. It may be good to have an adult keeping an eye on this spot until all teams have picked up their envelopes.

At the lunch meal, pass out sealed envelopes to each team leader, instructing them to not open the envelopes until exactly 2:00pm Also tell them to make sure their entire team is with them when they open it because it contains information that may change the course of the world if not the universe.

There should be a sketch of the camp in the envelope with an 'X' at the starting point where you have placed the envelopes. Also, instructions in the envelope should be:

Many years ago, thieves stole a valuable treasure. This treasure has been hidden somewhere in camp and we have been fortunate to find an old route map made by the thieves so they could recover their treasure.
You can find this route map in an envelope with your team name on it at the location marked with an 'X' on this sketch of the camp.
You should follow the route on the map exactly to the destination because along the route the thieves have hidden caches of supplies for the journey. You must recover all caches marked on the route and bring them with you to the destination. You may consume any food items recovered along the way, but all markers, containers, and wrappers are to be carried along.
Be the first team to reach the treasure and claim it as yours!

The leader should be at the destination to check arriving teams. Every team should have 6 flags, empty bags, and wrappers from candies. If they do not have their items, they may not claim the treasure.

Trail to the Treasure Camping Activity