It's a Lie Camping Song lyrics midi

It's a Lie Camping Song lyrics midi

It's a Lie   It's a Lie Camping Song   Camping Song

Lyrics:I was born a hundred thousand years ago. (YEARS AGO)
And there's nothing in this world I do not know. (DO NOT KNOW)
I saw Peter, Paul, and Moses playing ring-around the roses,
And I'll lick the guy who says it isn't so. (IT ISN'T SO)

It's a lie; It's a lie ; Ship ahoy, ship ahey, ship a hi-hi-hi!
Oh, I've sailed the seven seas and I've sniffed the salty breeze,
But I never, ever, ever saw a mermaid. (A MERMAID)

I was there when Satan looked the garden o'er. (GARDEN O'ER)
I saw Adam and Eve a'driven from the door. (FROM THE DOOR)
I was round the corner peekin' at the apple they was eatin'
I can prove I was the guy that ate the core. (ATE THE CORE)
- Chorus

I was there when Ceasar crossed the Rubicon. (RUBICON)
I'm the guy who built the raft he crossed it on. (CROSSED IT ON)
I saw Nero burning Rome, and Hannibal at home.
I even saw the fall of Babylon. (BABBLE ON)
- Chorus

I saw Washington afloat a cake of ice. (CAKE OF ICE)
I saw Sherman, Lee, and Grant a shakin' dice. (SHAKIN' DICE)
I saw Roosevelt's great laugh that split his face in half,
While Pershing set a trap for German mice. (GERMAN MICE)
- Chorus

You may thing that all this bunk, it isn't true. (IT ISN'T TRUE)
But what difference does it really make to you? (MAKE TO YOU)
I've been feeding you this line just to pass away the time,
And now I'm going to quit because I'm through. (YOU'RE THROUGH)
- Chorus

I was born about a hundred years ago (YEARS AGO)
And there's no badge in this world I do not own (DO NOT OWN)
I knew Robert Baden-Powell with his wisdom like an owl
And I'll kick the guy who says it isn't so (ISN'T SO)

It's a lie, It's a lie!
Scout ahoy, scout a-hey, scout a-hi!
I've been a Boy Scout all my life, with my flashlight and my knife,
And I've lived it and I've loved it all the while!

I was present at the Siege of Mafeking! (MAFEKING!)
I heard the town's warning bell a-ring! (BELL A-RING!)
Baden-Powell held his ground, and kept the Boers out
And thus Britain had a reason to sing! (TO SING!)


I was there as Mr. Boyce went through the mist (THROUGH THE MIST!)
Before I left he grabbed me by the wrist (BY THE WRIST!)
He offered then to pay me, but then I did decree:
"I'm a scout and it's my duty to assist." (TO ASSIST!)


A scout should always ever tell the truth (TELL THE TRUTH!)
Or his fellow scouts may think he is uncouthe (UNCOUTHE?)
But this song is for you guys, so what's a little lie
Just a song to entertain the youth. (THE YOUTH!)

It's a Lie Camping Song lyrics midi