Old Chisholm Trail Camping Song lyrics midi

Old Chisholm Trail Camping Song lyrics midi

Old Chisholm Trail   Old Chisholm Trail Camping Song   Camping Song

The Tune:
Lyrics:Come along boys and listen to my tale;
I'll tell you of my troubles on the old Chisholm trail.

Come-a ti yi yippy, yippy, yay, yippy yay!
Come-a ti yi yippy, yippy, yay!

On a ten dollar horse and a forty dollar saddle;
Ridin' and a punchin' them Texas cattle

We left old Texas October twenty-third
Drivin' up the trail with a U-2 herd

I jumped in the saddle an' I grabbed a-hold the horn,
The best darned cowpuncher ever was born.

I was on my best horse, and a going on the run,
The quickest shootin' cowboy that ever pulled a gun.

I'm up in the morning before daylight;
Before I get to sleep the moon's shining bright.

It's bacon and beans most every day,
I'd sooner be a-eatin' the prairie hay.

Feet in the stirrups and seat in the saddle,
I hung and rattled with them long-horn cattle.

Well the days are hot and the nights are cold
This cowboy life is gettin' mighty old

There's mud in the gully and dust in the draw
The bossman's meaner than my mother-in-law

Spent two days lookin' for muley-headed calf
Ain't been to sleep in a week and a half

Well the water's gettin' scarce and we're runnin' out of light
Looks like we're gonna have to drive 'em all night

It's cloudy in the west, a-lookin' like rain,
And my durned old slicker's in the wagon again.

The wind commenced to blow, and the rain began to fall,
And it looked, by grab, like we was goin' to lose 'em all.

No chaps, no slicker, and it's pourin' down rain,
And I swear, by gosh, I'll never night-herd again.

Got a hole in my hat where the rain runs in
Got a hole in my boot where it runs out again

We rounded 'em up and put 'em on the cars,
And that was the last of the old Two Bars.

I'm going to the ranch to draw my money,
Goin' into town to see my honey.

I went to the boss to draw my roll,
He figured me out nine dollars in the hole.

I'll sell my outfit as soon as I can,
'Cause I ain't punchin' cattle for no mean boss man.

So I sold old baldy and I hung up my saddle,
And I bid farewell to the longhorn cattle.

Old Chisholm Trail Camping Song lyrics midi