Bungee in the Bucket Camping Activity

Bungee in the Bucket Camping Activity

Bungee in the Bucket   Bungee in the Bucket Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:6 foot piece of elastic cord
Preparation:tie the ends of the elastic cord together to make a huge rubber band bungee. Instead of elastic cord, you can just hook a bunch of rubber bands together into a 6 foot length and make loop of that.
Goal: Put the bungee in the bucket.

Have everyone hold onto the bungee and stretch it out into a big circle.
Put the bucket on the ground in the center.
Everyone lets go at the same time so the bungee plops into the bucket.

  • Bucket can not be moved.
  • Everyone has to let go of the bungee within 1 second of the first camper letting go - simultaneous release is the goal here.
  • Bungee must be completely stretched - might want to draw a circle that everyone must be outside of.

Reflect: Chances are that the group will never get this one to work. Don't go on with it for too long, but let them discuss and try new ways.
Check for blaming, frustration, new ideas.
Talk about people giving up too fast, listening to new ideas, encouraging rather than blaming.

Alterations: Maybe try it with 3 or 2 campers and see if that is easier - perhaps some tasks require smaller teams. Delegation of jobs is a good leadership skill to work on.

Bungee in the Bucket Camping Activity