Camp Activities

Camp Activities

Activities for Camp

Anti-Gravity Tent Pole Brain Bender - Water Jugs
Candle Duel Walking on Mars
Balloon JugglingBalloon Symphony
Bomb SquadBungee in the Bucket
Count to 10Double Juggle
Electric Jail Break-OutFeet In
Finding A to ZFire Transfer
Follow the LightGet to Know You - Cover Up
Get to Know You - Truth or LieGlued Feet Race
Grab My StuffGroup Counting
Group DrawingGroup Juggling
Group MorphGroup Push Up
Healing GroundHole in my Pack
Human Bomb SquadKeep Away
Knot or NotLeaky Water Barrel
Pancake RelayPaper Shuffle
Pitching PenniesRadioactive Isotope Transport
Reverse-oRope Shapes
Soda Pop DetectivesSpace Rescue
Three MonkeysTightrope Walk
Touch StickTrailing the Hare
UnRavel the GroupWarp Speed
Who Am I?

Camp is a perfect time to make lasting friends but it takes activities to pull people together. Camp activities that entertain, challenge, and reward participants are easy to plan and make camp special. Your campers will wonder how you come up with so many fantastic things to do day after day when you just gather your favorites from my list. Think about the ages and interests of the campers in your group and find a camp activity or two for the different places you might need some help - in a cabin, on the trail, nighttime, waiting for meals, or whenever.

Camp Activities

These camp activity ideas will foster team work while having fun. Teamwork is a theme you'll find in many of these activities which is important for summer camp and any time people need to rely on each other. It can take a bit of effort to get some new groups to bind and become a team rather than a bunch of individuals, but once the team gels, it is a nice reward to see things working. I hope you stretch the physical abilities and problem solving skills of your campers with these camp activities.