Group Counting Camping Activity

Group Counting Camping Activity

Group Counting   Group Counting Camping Activity   Camping Activity

Notes:This is a simple activity to fill a few minutes
Gather the group together and have them sit down - NOT in a circle or other pattern.

Ask everyone to close their eyes and keep them closed.

Objective: Count to N, the number of campers in the group.

  1. No looking, talking, or touching.
  2. Every camper says exactly one number.
  3. If two campers say the same number, start over.
  4. If the wrong number is said, start over.

After you stop them, they should restart immediately. It may take many turns, but they will work out a pattern through to the end.

Who took leadership?
Was there a leader or was everyone equal?
What teamwork was needed?
What communication occurred?
How did you rely on other people?

Group Counting Camping Activity