Feet In Camping Activity

Feet In Camping Activity

Feet In   Feet In Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:6-30 people.
2 foot circle or rope for each camper.
Preparation:distribute the rope circles in the play area.
Notes:Problem solving and creative thinking skills
Objective: Put both of your feet completely inside one circle.

  • Do not move or change the shape or size of a circle.
  • When the leader says, 'Switch!' you move to a different circle if possible.

Give the 'Go' signal and everyone should find a circle of their own.
Yell 'Switch!' and see that everyone moves to a different circle.
Now, when you yell 'Switch!', remove a circle before someone steps into it. This will leave one camper out. See what they do.
If someone believes they are 'out', recite the Objective and Rules again. See if the team figures out that there is no rule about more than one camper per circle.

As there are fewer and fewer circles, it will get more crowded until someone decides to sit down with just their feet in the circle.

Did someone take leadership or did people act independently?
Did you assume rules that did not exist?
Did you start out competing and then change to cooperating?
Did you think ahead of better ways or was a change in plan forced on you with the removal of circles?

To be a good team, we need to creatively search for better solutions to challenges and think of new things.

Feet In Camping Activity