Three Monkeys Camping Activity

Three Monkeys Camping Activity

Three Monkeys   Three Monkeys Camping Activity   Camping Activity

various props
The three monkeys - see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil - work together to perform tasks.

This works best to have a separate area set up for each task, far enough apart to prevent seeing another team perform the task beforehand. Have teams rotate between task areas on a signal, such as a whistle.

Groups of 3 campers are needed:
  • DOer - blindfolded and stands at the edge of the activity area, facing the area.
  • SPEAKer - can talk, but can not view the activity area. Stands next to the DOer, facing away from the activity area.
  • SEEer - can view the activity area, but can not speak. Stands a few feet in front of the SPEAKer, facing the SPEAKer and the activity area.

Once the campers are in position, the person running the activity places props as needed. She hands the task to be completed to the SEEer to read. She then tells the team to begin and starts the timer.

The SEEer uses hand motions and gestures to give the SPEAKer information to relay to the DOer to complete the task. You may need to specifically rule out writing notes and texting.

Some example tasks:
  • place a tennis ball in a bucket
  • stand on one foot on a square of cardboard
  • retrieve three pinecones
  • tie a square knot in a rope

If you have a series of activities set up, each team should be given a scorecard on which the activity leader writes their time. At the end, the times are added and the team with the lowest is the winner.

As teams learn, they may develop signs to improve their communications and teamwork.

There can be multiple SEEers if you want to keep teams together as a single team, but then only one camper tends to be actually involved and the rest watch.

Three Monkeys Camping Activity