Space Invaders Camping Activity

Space Invaders Camping Activity

Space Invaders   Space Invaders Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:a dark night and a wide space with trees, brush, tall grass.
candle and matches
flashlight for each alien
Notes:This is a variation on Capture the Flag
Space invaders have landed on Earth and will take it over in the morning. During the night, the aliens sleep but they remain alert guarding their ship with their ray guns, but they are anchored in place while sleeping.

The only hope for Earth is to destroy their spacecraft by setting it on fire.

The spaceship is a candle and matches placed on a rock in the center of the play area. Be sure to clear an area around the candle.

3 or 4 aliens position themselves no closer than 25 yards from their spaceship. They must remain where they are throughout the game, using their ray guns to eliminate earthmen.

Everyone else are earthmen with a goal of sneaking undetected to the spaceship and lighting it.

The earthmen go about 100 yards or so away.

When the game leader blows the whistle, the earthmen begin to sneak in. They have a 20 minute time limit to reach the spaceship. The game leader should call out how much time is left every 5 minutes.

An alien may only use his ray gun for a 10 second burst and then let it recharge for 20 seconds. When an alien shines his light on an earthman, he is vaporized. He should stand up and move immediately to an area set aside from which to watch the game. If he does not, then the alien can keep his light shining on him as he walks up to him, with a referee if necessary. The alien may then search for other earthmen as he walks back to his guard location. This should help earthmen play fairly.

The distances and times may need to be altered depending on numbers of players and ground cover.

Space Invaders Camping Activity