Space Rescue Camping Activity

Space Rescue Camping Activity

Space Rescue   Space Rescue Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:two 20 foot long ropes
six 8 foot long ropes (or hula hoops)
a neckerchief, bandana, or short rope for each camper
Preparation:tie each rope into a circle
The space ship in which your team was exploring the unknown reaches of far galaxies has been crippled by a meteor shower. Fortunately, a rescue ship has arrived and you need to evacuate your crew from your disabled space ship to the rescue ship. The rescue ship has tossed out a string of space steps between the ships.
Since a single astronaut will just float off into the void, the entire crew needs to link up before venturing out.

Place a large circle at one end of the play area - this is your disabled space ship.
Place a small circle about 6 inches from it.
Repeat with each small circle, creating a line of 6 small circles - the space steps.
Place the 2nd large circle at the end of the line - this is the rescue ship, come to save your crew.

Have entire team stand inside the space ship. Tie the right ankle of every camper to the left ankle of another, except for the first and last. This creates a linked line of campers so no one gets lost in space.

The team can not step or touch outside the space steps.

See how long it takes to get rescued.

  • Have some of the middle crew members blindfolded, having been blinded by a sunburst.
  • Have a team start at each end with the goal of quickly exchanging team positions.

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Space Rescue Camping Activity