Grab My Stuff Camping Activity

Grab My Stuff Camping Activity

Grab My Stuff   Grab My Stuff Camping Activity   Camping Activity

This Activity is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:a water bottle, hat, or similar sized object for each camper
Preparation:Create a circle on a flat area that all campers can easily stand in - about 7 feet across is good. Use rocks, sticks, or scratch a circle in the dirt.
Notes:good team-building and trust activity
This activity is better for a group of 4-12 - larger than that and there is too much standing around. All campers need to bring a water bottle, hat, or some object about that size.

To start the activity, tell all the campers to lay down outside the circle with their feet touching the circle and their head pointing away from the circle. This should make something of a star-shape of bodies.

Have everyone place the object they brought along on the ground at the top of their head. Then, all the campers get up and assemble inside the circle.

The objective is to retrieve all the items left outside the circle without touching the ground and using nothing other than their bodies.

Every item should be retrievable by supporting a camper as the camper leans way out and grabs the item. It may take the whole team to leverage the camper back.

You could come up with a scenario, such as they are on an island surrounded by lava. Or, they are surrounded by toxic sludge and need to retrieve all the parts to assemble their sludge-hardening ray gun.

Grab My Stuff Camping Activity