Silly Olympics Camping Game

Silly Olympics Camping Game

Silly Olympics   Silly Olympics Camping Game   Camping Game

Instructions:Run these Olympics with one camper from each team coming forward to compete in each event, or the entire team for group events.

Bean Toss: each camper gets 10 beans and tries to throw them, one at a time, into a quart jar from a chalkline on the floor.

Footrace: Have each team line up with feet touching each other, heel to toe. The team with the greatest total foot length wins.

Cracker Whistle: Everyone chews 3 crackers and the first to whistle wins.

Weight Lifting: Everyone lines up against a bare wall with their backs against it. Walk your feet out from the wall and bend your knees and waist so you are in a sitting position with back flat against the wall, thighs parallel to floor, and hands on thighs. Last camper to remain in this position without lifting a foot or touching the wall or floor with other body part is the winner.

Block Push: On hands and knees, campers push a small block or other rectangular item across the floor with their nose. Can be done as a relay.

Olympic Torch Lighting: Set up a row of 20 or 30 small tea candles. At one end, have a box of matches. A camper lights a match and sees how many candles they can light with that one match before it goes out.

Torch Run: Each camper has a lighted candle in hand. The first to complete a course while keeping their candle lit wins.

Paper Discus: Each camper throws a plain paper plate as far as possible. The plate can not be deformed, crushed, or folded.

Javelin: Each camper throws a plastic straw as far as possible. Nothing can be put in the straw and it can not be deformed.

Shotput: Each camper 'puts' a rolled up sock as far as possible.

Whistle Marathon: Time how long each camper can hold a single whistled note on one breath.

Biathlon: Teams line up and every camper has 3 pebbles. One at a time, members on a team run 20 yards to a line 10 feet from a target. They throw each pebble at the target and return to team. Each hit counts 1 point. First team to complete gets a bonus point for each member.

Gymnastics: Each camper splits legs as far apart as possible. Tally the distances between big toes for each camper on a team. Each camper sits with legs straight out in front and bends over towards their feet. Tally the distances between head and toes. Subtract 2nd tally from 1st to determine winning team.

Silly Olympics Camping Game