Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games - fun games for camping

Fun Outdoor Games

British Bulldog Bucket Ball
4 Way Tug-o-WarAerobic Tag
Alien TreasureAlphabet Bag
Ball ScrambleBalloon Monster
Balloons AloftBarnga
Beachball BallyhooBenchball
Birds of a FeatherBlind Corners
Blob TagCapture the Flag
Capture the FortCatch 10
Caterpillar RaceChicken Run
Conquer LiechtensteinCrabs, Crows, and Cranes
Crack the CrackerCrocodile
DitchemDuck the Staff
Dungeon BreakOutExercise Relay
Fishing for MousetrapsFour Kings
Fox and HoundsFrisbee Soccer
Giants, Elfs, and WizardsGooey Gobble
Grab FiveGroup Push
Hop the StaffHuman Foosball
Human Ladder RaceKim's Game
Long, Short, Round RelayMake It Up Relay
ManhuntMath Masters
Mud WallowMule Relay
Naval CombatNewspaper Basketball
Night InfiltrationPaul Revere Relay
PruiePure Luck Relay
Race to the WhistleRaiders Tag
Ready for WinterShooting Fish in a Barrel
Silly OlympicsSitting Ducks
SmugglersSpaghetti Stretch
Staff RunTeam Challenge
Three Step RelayThree-way Tug-of-War
Tin Can RelayUltimate Frisbee
Ultra Tug of WarWar Cards
Water BrigadeWoods War

Watching the fire and waiting to eat is called 'relaxing' by grown-ups, but 'boring' by energetic youth. Outdoor games can keep the camping trip fun and interesting. Search for the outdoor game ideas you want. Some ideas are more appropriate for older campers and different outdoor games fit your needs of being quiet, active, or loud. These are great ways to run off extra energy, build teams, have a blast, and make campers want to stay out here all summer. Your preparation for camp should most certainly include a grab bag full of fun outdoor games so you never have bored people in camp.

Outdoor Games - fun games for camping

It's going to rain, you know it is. But, that doesn't mean all fun ends. There are camping games here that can be played inside a tent or cabin when the miserable weather rolls in. Some ideas are also intended for large groups in a gym or dining hall environment rather than being used as an outdoor game so pick a bunch of your favorites and have them ready.
And remember, these outdoor games can be used anyplace, not just at camp, for a fun time anytime.