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I'm the camping dude and I'm at summer camp, backpacking, or leading campouts about 40 nights each year. I work with young folks and share my experiences with adults so they can create a more exciting program for youth.
Just going camping isn't enough. Camp needs to be an adventure, a time to explore, grow, and be challenged. With just a bit of preparation, you can turn any outdoor time into a great time.
If you have questions about the hundreds of ideas on my site, have a suggestion, or want to send me a new Camping Photo, just Contact Me.

Activities - cooperate
Games - compete
Songs - sing
Skits - perform
Stories - entertain
Graces - give thanks
Recipes - cook and eat
Messages - inspire

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Camping is more than finding a flat spot to pitch a tent. You've gotta have FUN too. Jazz up your campfire with my ideas for Songs, Skits, and Stories for great entertainment.

During the day, you've got to keep the gang active and having an excellent time. Check out my Activities and Games to build a team, develop outdoor skills, and learn about nature.

I have a collection of meal prayers and camping recipes for mealtime and a selection of inspirational stories for gathering times.
Use these many resources for camp, camping trips, or any place young folks gather and need some action, fun, and adventure.