Inspirational Sayings

Inspirational Sayings Stories and Quotes

Inspirational Thoughts

Filling My Jar Positive Attitude
The Dollar Bill UnSaying My Words
YaGoddaWanna10 Tips to Get Along
A Good Big BrotherA Wrapper A Day
Americans CreedAn Hour of Your Time
An Old PrayerApes and Bananas
Balanced DietBe a Blessing - a true story
Become a Yes Man!Between Right and Wrong
Big RocksBlind Wise Man
Boss vs. LeaderBridge Builder
CarpenterCarrots, Egg, or Coffee
Climbing Mt. FujiClimbing the Mountain
Close to the EdgeCoasting is All Downhill
Collection of QuotesCommon Ground
ConfidenceCrab Behavior
Cross Your ArmsDisneyland Garbage
Do The Right ThingDoing Silly Tricks
Don't QuitDon't Get Hooked
Donkey in a WellDynamite - I Can Stop Anytime
Eagle and the Prairie ChickenEverybody's Canoe
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and NobodyEveryone is Significant
Finish Your Task - a true storyFlea Training
Getting DiscouragedGoose Sense
Hawk and WaterfallHow To Catch a Monkey
How to Treat People - a true storyI Am Your Flag
Indian Chief and the MoonJohnny Appleseed
Leave a TraceLife's Choices
Lifetime of HappinessLittle Deaf Frog
Living What You Believe - a true storyLiving Your Dash
Mark Twain QuoteMeasure Up
Minnows and WhoppersMountain Climbers Faith
Noah's ArkObstacles and Opportunities
Packing ParachutesShipwrecked
Sleeping at CampStep Up and Follow Through
Stick To ItStone Cutter
The ButterflyThe Getting or The Having
Three Things Needed to Attain a GoalTigger or Eeyore?
TomorrowTossing Back Starfish
Trailing GameTwo Wolves
What You See Is What You GetWhat's Your Vision?
Winners and Losers

Using an inspirational story, you can leave your campers with a final lesson, thought, or ideal at the end of the day. These stories can be used any time you need a meaningful or inspirational thought, at a campfire, watching a sunset, or any time. While camping, there is plenty of time to contemplate life, so help get the thoughts moving by keeping a few inspirational sayings ready to use at the right learning moment. Take some time to memorize a few and just keep a list of the titles on a piece of paper in your pocket.
You'll find that besides entertaining the other campers, you may inspire a few thoughts with the words you say.

Inspirational Sayings Stories and Quotes

These inspirational sayings range from simple quotes made famous long ago to visual demonstrations using props to drive home a thought. Take a little time to memorize a few of these so you can inspire your group at the right time. You might set aside a specific time each day while camping for an inspirational word or just be prepared for an opportunity that pops up.
A humorous story will often contain words of inspiration as you'll find many of these do.