Filling My Jar Camping Inspiration

Filling My Jar Camping Inspiration

Filling My Jar Camping Inspiration
Filling My Jar A Favorite Camping Inspiration

Required:a glass jar
some rocks

or for more fun, use doughnut holes, M&Ms, sugar, and milk
Preparation:Before doing this, make sure you have enough rocks, pebbles, sand, and water that will fit in the jar.

Put pebbles, sand, and water into separate cans so the contents can not be seen.
Notes:This was WAY fun to do with doughnut holes. I don't know if the campers got the point, but they loved watching.
Script:There is only so much a person can do. I have a real job (put rock in jar). I teach a Sunday School class (add a rock). I volunteer at school (add a rock) I run to stay in shape (add a rock) ... continue listing other main things you do.

So, there, I'm full. I can't do anything else, even if someone asked. I expect most of you are the same way. You are so busy, you can't possibly take on anything else. Your jar is full like mine.

But, maybe if its not too big, I can do it. Like drive for a weekend campout, or arrange a fundraiser, or help at church one week, or plan a service project, or organize a parent's picnic. (add pebbles to the jar as you list the activities. Shake the jar to settle them until it is full.)

Wow, I guess I could do a little more than I thought. But, now, that's it, really. I couldn't possibly do more. Just like you, I'm doing too much now. Well, maybe if its just a small thing, I could. Like shoveling my neighbor's walk, or leading a game at a meeting, or helping someone with schoolwork, or cleaning the church for an hour. (pour the sand in as you list the items. Shake to settle).

Huh! Well, what do you know. Looks like I could do a bit more than I thought. I guess I just needed to make the time. As you can see, my jar is definitely full. I did more than I thought I could and I'm really able to accomplish a lot. No way could I fit anything else in.

But, now I don't have time for just relaxing. How can I just have fun? There's no room left. (Pour water in as you list things). I want to watch TV, play video games, see a movie, play football, ...

So, what does this mean? It seems I can do much more than I thought and I still have a little time to play. The point is that you need to get the big rocks - the important things - scheduled into your life first. Decide what is most important to you and make time for it. Then, fill in your time with other worthwhile, meaningful activities. That time left over is your relaxing time.

Be careful not to fill your life with the little things first or there won't be room for the big, important things.

Filling My Jar Camping Inspiration