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Favorite Camping Skits

Bravest Camper in the WorldEmergency Alert System
Firing SquadGive the Frog a Loan
Guess My Line on the ToiletIce Fishing
Invisible Bench - plus Add-OnsOle, Champion Tree Climber
One Bright MorningShort Runway
Typical Day in New York City

Skits are stepping stones to public speaking. Campers having the courage to perform in front of an entire camp of peers are honing skills that will benefit them as adults. A lack of ideas for skits should never be an excuse. Pick a dozen of your favorites from the hundreds listed here and keep them handy to perform or teach others. Waiting in line for dinner, an evening campfire, or any time with a lull in the action are perfect times for a quick skit that has been rehearsed. You'll find that a popular skit will get rave reviews time after time after time, until you can't stand it any longer but the campers will still want to see it or perform it in their own way. It's easy to make up your own skit script that will be funny for your specific group, but these skits have been getting laughs and groans for years.


Humorous skits and action songs are the meat of campfire programs. Putting on funny skits can really help a group of campers bound and build their confidence. Choosing a skit that the audience will understand and appreciate is important - some punch lines may be too subtle for younger campers - so use ones that the performers find fun. All skits and plays don't need to be hilarious. Throwing in a couple thought-provoking skits, or an occasional one with a moral message, is a good idea.