Typical Day in New York City Camping Skit

Typical Day in New York City Camping Skit

Typical Day in New York City Camping Skit
Typical Day in New York City A Favorite Camping Skit

This Skit is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:4 campers - 2 muggers, tourist(victim), and narrator
Preparation:Have two bigger campers stage left and one smaller camper stage right. The two bigger campers are muggers and smaller camper is a tourist.
Notes:Every time this skit is done, it's done a little different and the campers always enjoy it. It can be re-run at slower and slower speeds, each time having more activity building on the previous speed. After at most 4 runs through, its time to stop.
Script:Narrator: You are about to view a video taken recently on the streets of New York City. Here, you will see two local citizens greeting a visiting tourist.

(The two muggers walk from stage left while the tourist walks towards them from stage right. They pass each other in the center with a friendly smile or wave and continue on without stopping. The tourist should do a little stutter-step just as he is past the locals.)

Narrator: Freeze Frame! Rewind! As you can see, citizens of New York are friendly and courteous. But, let's rewind that video and view it at 1/2 speed.

(campers walk in reverse back over their original paths to their starting positions)

Narrator: Stop! (when they reach their spots). 1/2 Speed!

(Campers repeat their paths, this time when they meet, the two muggers grab the tourist, pull items out of his pockets, and take his wallet)

Narrator: Freeze Frame! Rewind! So, there's more than meets the eye here. Let's take a look a little slower and see what we find.

(Campers go backwards, redoing the stealing in reverse)

Narrator: Stop! (when they reach their spots). 1/4 Speed!

(Now the muggers grab the victim, turn him over, shake him, set him back on his feet, pick up the money, and continue. The victim just continues on smiling)

This can go on, adding beating, policeman chasing a robber in the background, person hailing a taxi, ... whatever the actors come up with.

Typical Day in New York City Camping Skit