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Camp Graces

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Favorite Camping Graces

Around the ClockFlintstones
Johnny AppleseedSuperman

There's no better place to experience God's creation than at camp. Often, there is no time set aside in a busy day of camping to thank God for that creation. Camp graces before meals can get everyone together to say a quick thank you. By using fun, musical meal prayers that are easy to remember, the campers can use them over and over even when camp is finished. A fun camp grace is a playful way for campers to recognize they are part of the whole but not the center of it.

Camp Graces

These camp graces can easily be led by youth once they've been learned. That makes meal time more fun for everyone and gets leaders out of the spotlight, giving someone else a chance to shine. Take some of these favorite camping grace ideas and laminate them on a single sheet so they are handy for any meal in any weather. There's no reason to pray just during nice weather. Having a prayer before each meal is a good goal, and a different camp grace each day is even better.