Camping Activities

Camping Activities

Activities for Camping

I have 92 Activities for you to use at camp.
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Favorite Camping Activities

Anti-Gravity Tent PoleBrain Bender - Water Jugs
Candle DuelChinese Numbers
EvolutionMarshmallow Kick, Throw, and Blow
Uncle Zeb's Lost TreasureWalking on Mars

Right up there with the weather, food, and campfires, the camping activities you have planned will make or break a camping event. Too much free time quickly turns to boredom, especially when groups of campers are ready for a fun time. They need excitement, imagination, and challenge to keep their camping trip interesting. Luckily, it's easy for you to have a bag full of camping activity ideas ready to use at just the right time. Whether you spontaneously lead a totally silly Marshmallow competition that took no time to pull together or a well-planned seach for Uncle Zeb's treasure, your camping pals will have a blast.
Some of these camping activities require a large outdoors area and others are meant for indoors in a cabin during poor weather. There are even some you can use in the space no larger than a cramped tent. From concentrated team building goals to just plain old fun, the dozens of choices I've listed here will help you plan your camping event.

Camping Activities

Take a peek at the few favorite camping activities I've highlighted or search through the long list of activity ideas. Different suggestions exist for younger or older campers and the type of activity you want. Some require specific materials, such as balloons, ropes, or candles and others just require a sharp mind. Let me know if you have questions about these camping activities or have any ideas of your own to share.