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Filling My JarPositive Attitude
The Dollar BillUnSaying My Words

A short story with a moral, a quote, or a thoughtful message is a great way to end a day of camping with inspiration. While relaxing around a campfire, maybe after the ghost stories, inspirational quotes can sink into the minds of your listeners. Inspirational thoughts and words should only be a minute or less, making the point through a quick story or a sentence that gets the gears grinding. Camping is a good time to be away from civilized life and take time to contemplate life so be ready to help those around you take advantage of the opportunity.

Inspirational Short Stories

Keep a few of these inspirations ready for your next campout so you can inspire and entertain your group of campers. With a collection of 20 of your favorite inspirational stories handy, you will always have a fresh one ready for the next campfire.