Scary Stories

Scary Stories for Campfires

Campfire Stories

Bricklayers Accident Report Dark Suckers
Gloop Maker How Bear Lost His Tail
Physics of Santa and His Reindeer Purple Gorilla
Some Special Pig The Medicrin
The Most Popular Man Vinder Viper
Alphabet ImaginationAnishinabe and the Ravens
Ballad of Johnny O'DellBarnabas and Sebastian
BatBattle of the Snakes
Bear BellsBears' Lodge
Birch Tree's BarkBlind Men and Raccoon
Bloody FingerBoy and the RattleSnake
Bronze RatCar Wreck
Coyote and Another OneCoyote Angers Rock
Cremation of Sam McGeeCricket and Cougar
Eagle and Red Tail HawkFalcon and the Duck
Field Mouse and BuffaloFinger Rock Trail Ghost
Fire TailFirst Dog
First FluteFirst Mocassins
Flesh-eating Rabid Zombie ChipmunksFour Magic Arrowheads
Fox and the BoasterGhost of Able Fable
Ghost with One Black EyeGirl Who Climbed to the Sky
Glooskap Finds SummerGrandmother Spider Steals Light
Hitch Hiking GhostHorrible Pirate
How 10,000 Lakes Were MadeHow Bluebird and Coyote Got Their Colors
How Chipmunk Got His StripesHow Coyote Got His Cunning
How Coyote Stole FireHow Devil's Tower Was Made
How Mosquitoes Came To BeHow Rabbit Lost His Tail
How Redbird Got His ColorHow the People Got Arrowheads
How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Got in the SkyHow Turtle's Shell Got Cracked
I Like MonkeysInvisible One
Job at the ZooLights on the Mountain
Nail in the AtticNorman the Genius
Old Growler - The Secret of the BearOrigin of Cedar Tree
Origin of CornOrigin of Fire
Origin of MedicineOrigin of Summer and Winter
Origin of the PleiadesPhone Call From the Grave
Pink JellybeanPoor Gus
Rabbit and the ThiefRabbit Brings Fire to the People
Rabbit Fools FoxRabbit Fools Wolf
Rabbit Shoots the SunRace With Buffalo
Red Sloppity LipsSeagulls Daylight
Shaggy DogShort Scary Story with a Funny Ending
Skeleton LadySkunk Outwits Coyote
Stone SoupTale of Six Boys - Flag Raising on Mt. Suribachi
The CoffinThe Crane and the Frogs
The Emerald RingThe Med and Sin
The Medic MenTurtle Races Bear
Two Traveling AngelsUp a Paddle
White Deer Named Virginia DareWhy Cats Land on Their Feet
Why Crow Is BlackWhy Opossum's Tail is Bare
Why the North Star Stands StillWisest Indian
Witch in the TowerWolf and Dog
Wrapping PaperCampers on an Indian Grave

Scary stories come in all shapes and sizes to be shared around the campfire. One of my favorites is the Short Scary Story with a Funny Ending - I tell it way too often, pretty much whenever I'm with a new group of campers. The Purple Gorilla tale is one of the most popular campfire stories among the youth that I normally camp with and it gets told over and over. That's what you need to be prepared for, a good story will be requested practically every time. You'll get tired of telling it before the campers get tired of hearing it. Finding just the right scary stories to tell for a particular group can be tricky. You don't want them too scary but not too tame either. It's a good idea to have a selection memorized so you always have a couple ready that the group hasn't heard. If you have a long camp with a few evening campfires, you can tell campfire stories of a theme, such as the Medicrin.

Scary Stories for Campfires

One of the challenges with telling a great scary story is that you'll always be asked (and expected) to tell more. Be sure to encourage others to share their tales also so it doesn't become a one-man show entertaining the masses. A campfire should be a time when many different people contribute, kind of like a potluck. Of course, some of the campfire stories won't be so godd, but the different story tellers are what make it fun. Rehearsing your story a few times and having the words memorized is key because the story is really in the telling and the animation you bring to it. I hope you enjoy sharing these scary stories and please send me your favorite to share if it is not listed here yet.