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Game Ideas - camp games

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I have 196 Games for you to use at camp.
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Favorite Camping Games

500British Bulldog
Bucket BallHunker Down
Last MatchMarble Drop
Rooster FightsSpud
T-Shirt Relay

Fun, active game ideas keep campers interested and energized for camp. Whether the weather forces you indoors or lets you enjoy the open spaces outdoors, the ideas for games will make your days or weeks at camp an exciting adventure for everyone. You can promote team building, physical fitness, or problem solving skills with the various games listed here, depending on your campers and your interests. Some game ideas require larger groups and lots of materials while others just need a couple people and some free time.

Game Ideas - camp games

Most games can be played by campers of any age, but some may be too strenuous or complicated for the young. Your camp group will ask for their favorites over and over, so you'll know when one of your games ideas is a hit. If you have a favorite game idea for camp that isn't here, give a shout so I can share it with other camping leaders. Remember, camping is fun and camp game ideas make it that way.