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Camp Songs

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Favorite Camping Songs

Baby Bumble BeeBill Grogan's Goat
Boom Chicka BoomDon't Wear No Socks
Fee FlyI Met a Bear
Little Green FrogLittlest Worm
MilkMine Hand on Mineself
Mountain DewOld Mother Leary
Shaving CreamThere's Nothing I'd Rather Be
Tom the ToadYodeler on a Mountain So High

Starting the day with the Little Birdies camp song or ending the day with Land of the Silver Birch sung around a dying campfire, camp songs are an essential part of any outdoors adventure. Songs build excitement or settle campers. They are action-packed, loud, and silly or melodious and thoughful. There is a place in every campfire program for camp songs of all types and planning when each should be sung is key. Songs provide cheap entertainment along with the opportunity to be the center of attention while leading a group of campers in verse. The best thing about camp songs is that you only need the words and a voice - and the voice doesn't need to be all that good.

Camp Songs

Fun songs at camp are what keep youth returning year after year. Months after a camping trip, I'll hear guys humming a tune or doing the actions to a memorable camp song that just can't forget. Mixing a selection of skits and songs together makes a great evening program. You don't even need a campfire except that it sure makes it more fun. The anonymity of a dark evening sometimes makes youth more at ease with participating in fun songs. Choose a few of these camp songs to have ready to lead and you'll always be welcome around the fire.