Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games - fun games for camping

Fun Outdoor Games

500 British Bulldog
Bucket Ball Hunker Down
Last Match Marble Drop
Rooster Fights Spud
T-Shirt Relay4 Square
4 Way Tug-o-WarAerobic Tag
Alien TreasureAll Aboard
Alphabet BagAnkle Fights
Arm KnockoutArm Wrestling
Atomic Particle CollectingBack Lift
Ball ScrambleBalloon Monster
Balloon StompBalloons Aloft
BarngaBase Attack
Bat BallBeachball Ballyhoo
BenchballBirds of a Feather
Bizz BuzzBlind Balloon Volleyball
Blind CornersBlind Observations
Blob TagBorg Tag
Bubble Gum RelayBuddy Tag
Build ItCandle Relay
Candy DiceCanoes and Compasses
Capture the FlagCapture the Fort
Career CharadesCatch 10
Catch the CaneCatch the Thief
Catch UpCaterpillar Race
Chicken RunCircle Jump Rope
Clothespin TagCloud Puff Relay
ClueCollection of Silly Races
Complicated TagConquer Liechtenstein
Counting CoupCounting Relay
Crab FightsCrabs, Crows, and Cranes
Crack the CrackerCrocodile
Dead AntDissolving Necklaces
DitchemDodgeBall in a Circle
Duck the StaffDuck, Duck, Goose
Dungeon BreakOutExercise Relay
Feather TossFind the Leader
Finger JoustingFire Brigade
Fishing for MousetrapsFitness Relay
Flip the PennyFlying Dutchman
Four KingsFox and Hounds
Fox HuntFrisbee Golf
Frisbee SoccerFrog or Kangaroo Relay
Frogs and FliesFumble Fingers Relay
Giants, Elfs, and WizardsGift Givers
Good Morning, CaptainGooey Gobble
Grab FiveGroup Push
GuardianHigh Adventure Race
Hit the BucketHoop on a Loop
Hop the StaffHot and Cold
Human Chain RaceHuman Foosball
Human Ladder RaceI'm Taking
Infinite DodgeballJump the Shot
Kangaroo TailsKangaroo Wrestling
Keys In a CanKim's Game
Kim's Group GameKing Bat
KubbLa Palma
Lame Chicken RaceLeg Pull
Line UpLiquid Chain
Long, Short, Round RelayMake It Up Relay
ManhuntMatch Stacking
Math MastersMonkey in the Middle
Mud WallowMule Relay
Natural SelectionNature Boulles
Nature Sketch HuntNaval Combat
Newspaper BasketballNight Infiltration
No Man's LandNo See Ems
Octopus RaceOxygen Tank Fill
Palm PushPaul Revere Relay
Peglegged GauntletPony Express
Pony Express RelayPredator and Prey
PruiePure Luck Relay
Race to the GapRace to the Whistle
Raiders TagRainy Day Golf
Rattlesnake HunterReady for Winter
Red or BlackRinger
Rock Paper ScissorsSardine Tag
Seahorse WarsSecret Message Delivery
Secret Message RelaySentry Post
Shoot OutShooting Fish in a Barrel
Shopping CartSilly Olympics
Sitting DucksSlap Clap Snap
Smile TossSmugglers
Spaghetti StretchSponge Relay
Staff RunStaff Stories
StalkingStalking Antelope
Steal the BaconSubmarine Maneuvers
Tail GrabTeam Challenge
Three Step RelayThree-way Tug-of-War
Tin Can RelayToe Fencing
Treasure of the BlindTribble Hunt
Turtle SoccerTwist Stick
Two-man RelayUltimate Frisbee
Ultra Tug of WarWar Cards
Water BrigadeWe Like, But We Don't Like
Who's Got The Ball?Wink
Woods WarWork Up
Yanks and RebelsZip-Zap

Watching the fire and waiting to eat is called 'relaxing' by grown-ups, but 'boring' by energetic youth. Outdoor games can keep the camping trip fun and interesting. Search for the outdoor game ideas you want. Some ideas are more appropriate for older campers and different outdoor games fit your needs of being quiet, active, or loud. These are great ways to run off extra energy, build teams, have a blast, and make campers want to stay out here all summer. Your preparation for camp should most certainly include a grab bag full of fun outdoor games so you never have bored people in camp.

Outdoor Games - fun games for camping

It's going to rain, you know it is. But, that doesn't mean all fun ends. There are camping games here that can be played inside a tent or cabin when the miserable weather rolls in. Some ideas are also intended for large groups in a gym or dining hall environment rather than being used as an outdoor game so pick a bunch of your favorites and have them ready.
And remember, these outdoor games can be used anyplace, not just at camp, for a fun time anytime.