Catch Up Camping Game

Catch Up Camping Game

Catch Up   Catch Up Camping Game   Camping Game

Required:two basketballs or rubber balls or any balls
Instructions:There must be an even number of campers.
All participants stand in a circle facing inward.
Number off 1-2-1-2-1-2... This creates two even teams.

Give one ball to a camper on team #1. Tell the camper to pass it to the next player on their team to the right.
Let that team pass the ball all the way around the circle for practice.
Then, give that ball to team #2 and let them practice around once.
Now, give a second ball to the player on team #1 directly opposite the team #2 player that has their ball.

On 'GO', players pass the ball to their teammate on their right with the goal of catching up to the ball of the opposing team.

If the ball is dropped, the last camper on that team that touched it has to retrieve it, retun to the correct spot, and throw it again.

Score a point when you catch up to the other team and then start another round.

Try going to the left for a change.
Try bounce passing for a change.

Catch Up Camping Game