Dinner Prayer

Dinner Prayers for Camping

Camping Prayers

Around the Clock Flintstones
Johnny Appleseed Superman
Addams FamilyAlphabet
Beneath These Tall Green TreesBlessings of This Day
BrotherhoodCome and Dine
God Is GreatGod Our Father
Gracias SenorM.C. Hammer
NamasteRock You
Rub a Dub DubSimple Prayer
Simple ThanksTen Little Thank Yous
Thank YouThank You for the Food We Eat
Thank You GodThank You Lord
Thanks Be To GodTime To Eat
We GatherWe Give Thanks
World HungerWorld So Sweet
Yankee DoodleZipadee Do Da

Dinner prayers certainly don't need to be boring. Many of the prayers listed here can be used to get campers excited about mealtime even if it is another serving of mystery meat. It's fun to have a camper or two stand in front and lead everyone in a favorite prayer. Besides the fun aspect, it's important to give thanks for every meal and to be thankful for all the wonder surrounding us when camping. A meal blessing is just one way of demonstrating our thankfulness.

Dinner Prayers for Camping

Most of these dinner prayers are songs since that is most fun for larger groups. But, many any of them could be spoken instead. Having your group in the habit of saying or singing prayers before meals is a fun tradition to start. Most of these dinner prayer ideas thank God rather than any specific denomination's or religion's view of god so they can be used by groups of mixed religions as long as they all believe in a supreme being.