Secret Message Delivery Camping Game

Secret Message Delivery Camping Game

Secret Message Delivery   Secret Message Delivery Camping Game   Camping Game

This Game is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:Kerchief for each camper.
Paper for each team.
Preparation:Each camper hangs a kerchief off their belt - long enough to be easily grabbed and removed.
Notes:Use a very large (1/2 mile) play area which can be both open and wooded.
Instructions:Goal: Deliver a secret message to the commander and intercept all other messages.

Adult leader is stationed in the center of the play area. He is the commander.
The commander gives each team leader a secret message.
Each team leader takes their team off in a different direction about 1/4 mile from the commander.

The team leader gives one campers the message. Through the game, the message can be given to other campers.

On the whistle, all teams try to get their message to the commander.
If a camper is captured by an opposing team by having their kerchief removed, that camper is out of the game and goes to the observation area.
If the captured camper has the team's message, then it is shown immediately to the captor.

The game is over when all messages have been captured or delivered.

Score 10 points for a delivered message, 4 points for each captured message, and 2 points for each captured camper.

Secret Message Delivery Camping Game