Secret Message Relay Camping Game

Secret Message Relay Camping Game

Secret Message Relay   Secret Message Relay Camping Game   Camping Game

Instructions:The idea is to accurately relay a message back and forth between team members as fast as possible.

Mark a race course, such as around the building, out to a tree and back, or whatever is convenient.

One camper from each team gets ready on the starting line. The other members stand off to one side, out of the way and at least 15 yards from the starting line so they can not hear conversations.

The leader from each team gathers by the game leader, out of hearing of all other campers. The game leader tells them a secret message, such as "Everyone knows it snows when the wind blows."

On "GO" signal, each team leader runs to their first teammate waiting at the starting line and tells that camper the secret message. The leader steps off the course to the side opposite all the waiting campers to prevent accidentally passing the message ahead.

While the camper is running the course, the next teammate gets ready at the starting line. The message is passed through each camper until it reaches the last one who runs the course, passes the finish line, and then runs to tell the game leader the message.

The first team, or the most accurate message, wins.

Some members may need to run around the course twice to even out team numbers. Or, some may sit out, but that is not recommended.

Secret Message Relay Camping Game