Ultimate Frisbee Camping Game

Ultimate Frisbee Camping Game

Ultimate Frisbee   Ultimate Frisbee Camping Game   Camping Game

Required:frisbee - use a flexible throwing frisbee rather than a hard, sharp-edged disc golf frisbee.
football or soccer field.
Instructions:Divide into two teams.

The game is much like football.
Teams line up on their own 20 or 30 yard line. One team kicks off to the other by throwing the frisbee as far down the field as they can. The receiving team now has control of the frisbee.

When a team has control of the frisbee, they pass it from camper to camper working it up the field to cross the goal line and score.

A camper must stop as soon as they have the frisbee - no running with it.

A turn-over occurs if an opposing team member intercepts the frisbee or whenever the frisbee hits the ground. This can cause confusion for players new to the game. If a camper throws the frisbee and it is not caught, it is immediately controlled by the other team going the other direction. Knocking the frisbee down is just as good as intercepting it by a defender. If a defender tries to intercept, but drops it, it is still a turn-over and their team now controls the frisbee.

There is no contact allowed and when a camper has the frisbee, all campers must give an arm's length of space so the frisbee can be thrown.

Ultimate Frisbee Camping Game