Wink Camping Game

Wink Camping Game

Wink   Wink Camping Game   Camping Game

Instructions:Everyone sits down with eyes closed and the leader wanders through the group. The leader taps one camper on the shoulder to indicate he is the killer.

The leader tells everyone to stand up and the game is under way.

Everyone walks around the play area trying to find the killer.

The killer tries to kill everyone by carefully winking at a camper when he has their eye contact. He does not want anyone else to see him wink.

If a camper is winked at, he does a great theatrical death scene within 5 seconds of being winked at.

If a camper thinks he knows who the killer is, he points at him and says, 'I accuse __Johnny__!' If he is correct, he wins. Otherwise, both he and Johnny are dead.

Wink Camping Game