Woods War Camping Game

Woods War Camping Game

Woods War   Woods War Camping Game   Camping Game

This Game is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:pine cones or tennis balls for ammo.
a treasure chest.
Preparation:Define the war zone at least as large as a football field and place the treasure in the center.
Each team defines their hideout as a 10 foot diameter circle around an obvious marker close to the end of their side of the game area.
Notes:This is somewhat like Capture the Flag, but with one flag and no jail.

A few umpires around the game area are a good idea to enforce the rules.

Rounds do not take very long to play, so you could have a tournament between all teams.
A treasure fell from the king's carriage as it was driving through the forest. Now, two opposing dens of thieves are each wanting the treasure for their own.

Each team goes to their hideout in the woods. The treasure is in about the center of the game area.

When the war begins, campers rush through the woods to retrieve the treasure to their hideout.

  • A camper may carry no more than 2 pinecones or tennis balls.
  • Campers hit by thrown balls are immediately out of the game.
  • A camper must drop all ammo in order to pick up the treasure.
  • A camper hit while carrying the treasure must drop the treasure and leave the game.
  • Each team's hideout is its only safe area. All other parts of the game area are open battlefield.

  • The team that carries the treasure to their hideout receives 4 points.
  • Each camper removed from the game counts 1 point for the opposing team.

Woods War Camping Game