Toe Fencing Camping Game

Toe Fencing Camping Game

Toe Fencing   Toe Fencing Camping Game   Camping Game

Instructions:To Play: Grasp hands with your opponent and attempt to tap the top of their toes with your toes.
The first to make three hits is the winner.

For a competition:

Pair up with a camper from a different team.
All pairs line up facing each other across the center of the room. It is better if teammates are far apart from each other to increase the chances for their team to win.
Determine which side of the room is the Winners bracket and which is the Consolation bracket.

The winner of each contest advances to the Winners bracket and the loser advances to the Consolation bracket.

When two contestants are available at a level in a bracket, they have another contest. The winner advances another level, while the loser is out.

This should wind up with a Winner and a Consolation winner.

Toe Fencing Camping Game