Frisbee Soccer Camping Game

Frisbee Soccer Camping Game

Frisbee Soccer   Frisbee Soccer Camping Game   Camping Game

Required:a frisbee
a soccer or football field
Notes:similar to Ultimate Frisbee, but easier. Lots of running and throwing.
Instructions:Split group into two teams - keep teams together.

Play just like soccer except with a frisbee.

If a camper with the frisbee is two-hand tagged, the camper must immediately stop and throw the frisbee within 3 seconds.

If the frisbee touches the ground inside the penalty box, the goalie retrieves it and passes it out.

Shots on goal must be taken from outside the penalty box.

You may need to implement penalties for roughness. There should be no purposeful contact and a 2-minute timeout for the first penalty should stop it.

Frisbee Soccer Camping Game