Naval Combat Camping Game

Naval Combat Camping Game

Naval Combat   Naval Combat Camping Game   Camping Game

This Game is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:For each team:
  • Twenty strips of cloth, all the same color per team
  • six 3x5 cards with DESTROYER on them
  • four 3x5 cards with SUBMARINE on them
  • two 3x5 cards with BATTLESHIP on them
Notes:You may prefer to combine teams so you have 3 or 4 teams.
Instructions:In a central area, mark off a circular area about 30 feet round - this is the battleground.

Define a separate shipyard for each team about 20 feet outside the battleground. In this area, place all their strips of cloth and all 3x5 cards.

Each player loosely ties a strip of cloth on their arm to identify their team. Then, each player that wants to do combat, chooses the type of ship he wants to be and enters the battleground.

To battle, a camper will tag an opponent. The two campers then compare cards. The losing camper gives his cloth to the winner who can either put it in his pocket or return it to his shipyard. Once a cloth is captured, it can not be lost.

Battle winners are determined:
  • Battleship destroys destroyer
  • Destroyer destroys submarine
  • Submarine destroys battleship

When a camper is destroyed, he can return to his shipyard and put on a new piece of cloth. He may also change his card for a different type of ship if one is available. The only time a ship can be changed is back at the shipyard.

A winning camper can return to his shipyard and exchange ships if he wants.

The team with the most cloth strips from opponents is the winner. When all of your team's cloth strips are gone from your shipyard, you must stay in the shipyard.

Naval Combat Camping Game