Base Attack Camping Game

Base Attack Camping Game

Base Attack   Base Attack Camping Game   Camping Game

Required:tennis balls
Notes:Keep an eye out for anyone throwing excessively hard.
Instructions:The Empire has sent a group of star cruisers to destroy your rebel bases. Your job is to defend your base as long as possible.

If played in a smaller group, one camper is the attacking star cruiser.
If played in a large group, one team are the attackers.

The attackers gather at one end of the play area. They are given the tennis balls to use as interstellar missiles. All other players scatter around the play area and stand with their feet spread more than shoulder-width apart. These are the Bases.

A base is destroyed when a tennis ball passes between their legs. They can protect their base by bending at the waist and catching or deflecting thrown tennis balls. They may not bend their knees.

When a base is destroyed, that camper sits down.

Star cruisers can take up to 3 steps while carrying a missile, but only if they make star cruiser noises ( whatever those may be :-) ).

If a star cruiser carrying a missile comes within 10 feet of a base, the gravitational pull will destroy the cruiser. (this is to give the bases a chance.) A destroyed cruiser stands on the sidelines until the round is over.

The last base alive is the attacking star cruiser for the next round, or that camper's team becomes the attackers.

Referees along the sidelines may be needed, depending on the trustworthiness of the players.

Base Attack Camping Game