Ready for Winter Camping Game

Ready for Winter Camping Game

Ready for Winter   Ready for Winter Camping Game   Camping Game

Required:bag of peanuts, wrapped candies, marshmallows, or just 1 inch pieces of paper
Preparation:scatter the items all over the play area. A yard with short grass works well, but anyplace is ok.
Instructions:The idea is to gather as much food as possible for your animals before winter comes.

Each team chooses an animal to be and agrees on the 'call' their animal makes. This is used to identify each other in the game.

One camper is the 'harvester' for the team - and is the only one that can actually pick up the food. But, the harvester can not find food.

On GO signal, all the campers except the harvesters scatter through the play area looking for food. When a piece of food is found, that animal guards it and gives the call loudly so their harvester knows to come and gather the food.

A harvester caught snitching from a different animal needs to give up 3 food pieces as a penalty. But, multiple different animals can gather around one piece of food, calling their harvester.

At the end of time, the team with the most food pieces is the winner.

Ready for Winter Camping Game