Some Special Pig Camping Story

Some Special Pig Camping Story

Some Special Pig Camping Story
Some Special Pig A Favorite Camping Story

This Story is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

I remember when I was younger, down the road lived old farmer Palmire. Mr. Palmire was a pretty good farmer for those parts and had chickens, cows, vegetables, the whole works. I'd occasionally help him with his farm chores to earn a bit of spending money.
One day, while forking hay out of his barn, I noticed a pig walk around the corner of the barn. Strange thing was, this pig had three artificial legs. He kind of hobbled along and stood over at the feed trough and had his fill.
When I was done with my work, I asked old Palmire about that pig. Why would anyone give a pig an artificial leg - especially three of them!
Mr. Palmire told me, 'Well, that's not no ordinary pig. That there pig is darn special. One day, my son Jimmy was swimming in the creek when he got stuck under some tree roots. That old pig jumped right in the water, dove under, yanked those roots out, and drug Jimmy to shore! Now, that's one special pig!'

I said, 'That's amazing. But, what about his artificial legs?'

'Well,' continued Mr. Palmire, 'another time, my daughter Tilly was walking down yonder through the trees when a stray cougar jumped out of a tree and was going to attack her. Just then, this here pig came tearing through the brush, barreled right into that cougar and chased him clean out of the valley. Most amazing thing I ever heard of a pig doing.'

'Wow!' I replied. 'But, what about the legs?'

'Just this spring, that pig saved my wife when she got locked in the smokehouse. That pig somehow got the door unlocked and got my wife out before she cooked to death.'

'Alright!', I interrupted, 'I realize that pig is special, but why does it have three artificial legs?'

'Well, a pig like that is just too special to eat all at once!'

Some Special Pig Camping Story