Origin of Medicine Camping Story

Origin of Medicine Camping Story

Origin of Medicine   Origin of Medicine Camping Story   Camping Story

There was a time when humans could converse with the animals and the plants. Humans multiplied and began to dominate the animals. They killed and took what they wanted with no concern for the animals. So, the animals had a great council to decide how to protect themselves from the humans. The Bears imitated the People's bows but their great claws got in the way when they tried to shoot them. The Deer made spears but they could not throw them.

The animals decided that any hunter that killed without asking pardon of the animal would be afflicted with a disease. That would stop the People from killing more than needed and would make the People appreciate that which they took. The animals sent a deer as a messenger to the People and told them that a hunter must ask pardon when killing an animal or suffer a disease.

Chief Little Deer was extremely swift and whenever a deer or animal is killed by a hunter, he runs to the spot and asks the slain animal's spirit if it heard the hunter's prayer for pardon. If the answer is 'No' then Chief Little Deer tracks the hunter to his village and afflicts the People with a disease.

Plants were friendly to the People and were concerned that they may all be killed from the diseases. So, they had a council and agreed to furnish cures for the diseases. For every disease the animals came up with, the plants provided a cure.
There were many, many diseases and it took much knowledge to know and remember the cures for each, so medicine men were appointed to remember the cures. These men were respected and helped the People with ailments and problems.

Each person also had their own medicine pouch to carry items which would protect them from bad spirits and disease. Your pouch contains totems that are special to you and that represent important events. You may add feathers, rocks, dirt, seeds, wood, beads, ... anything that you can take out later and reflect on.

Remember this and remember this well! There is a purpose for every living thing on Mother Earth, and all things are alive. We should live in harmony as we are all related.

Origin of Medicine Camping Story