Balanced Diet Camping Inspiration

Balanced Diet Camping Inspiration

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Script:I expect you all know the 6 food groups. What are they?
Bread & Grain, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Meat, Sugar & Fat

Great! And we all know its important to include a mix of foods from all those groups in our diets. Why? So we have a well-rounded diet that keeps our bodies healthy.

I believe the same sort of thing is true for our lives, not just our bodies. I can think of 6 'life groups' kind of like the 'food groups' - Academics, Athletics, Family, Music, Religion, and Social.

If you spent all your time just doing schoolwork, but no social or religious activities, you might get very good at science. But, you wouldn't have the skills to share your knowledge with others.
If you just hang around with friends and listen to music, but no athletics, you might be fun to be around but you couldn't throw a ball or swim in a lake.

If you look at famous figures that have had personal problems plastered on the front page, maybe you can see what I'm getting at. Some of them have invested all their effort into one activity and neglected the other areas of life. When they make it big, they are not prepared for the rest of life and it all falls apart.

So, mix it up. Take a big helping of Academics, a side-dish of Athletics, pour some Family time on top, garnish with Music, have a big glass of Religion, and finish with a Social dessert. Now, THAT's a balanced diet that will give you a healthy body AND life.

Balanced Diet Camping Inspiration