Donkey in a Well Camping Inspiration

Donkey in a Well Camping Inspiration

Donkey in a Well   Donkey in a Well Camping Inspiration   Camping Inspiration

Script:A farmer had a donkey that unfortunately fell into an abandoned well. It brayed and brayed until the farmer heard him and came running over.

The well was deep and the farmer couldn't figure out how to hoist the donkey out. Besides, the donkey was getting old and the farmer had other donkeys. And, the well was abandoned and should be covered up anyway, so ...

The farmer called his neighbors over with their shovels. They all gathered around and started shoveling dirt onto the donkey, which was still braying away in fear.

After awhile, the farmers couldn't hear the donkey any longer. They continued to fill the well with dirt until suddenly the donkey stepped up and out of the well!

As the farmers shoveled dirt onto the back of the donkey, he would shake it off and step up onto the new dirt until the dirt lifted him out.

You will get dirt shoveled on you in your life - lots of dirt, all kinds of dirt. When you feel like you're stuck in a well, just shake all that dirt off and take a step up.
If someone says you can't do something, shake it off and step on it.
If you do poorly, shake it off, step on it, and try again.
When you stop trying, that's when the dirt will bury you. So, shake it off, step up, and never give up.

Donkey in a Well Camping Inspiration