Fred the Flea Camping Skit

Fred the Flea Camping Skit

Fred the Flea   Fred the Flea Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Preparation:one camper
one volunteer victim
Script:"Here in my hand, I have Fred the Flea. Fred will perform for you some amazing feats. Watch closely."

"Fred, do jumping jacks! Very good! Cheer, everyone!"

"Fred, do a somersault!"

"Fred, do a high jump!" Watch him go way up, then back down.

"Now Fred will do a long jump. I need a volunteer to catch Fred." Pick a leader, or someone in authority.

"OK, hold your hands out to catch Fred."

"Fred, do a longjump!" Watch Fred jump to the volunteer

"Oh, wait! He jumped too far - don't move!" Walk over to the volunteer. "Fred seems to have jumped into your hair!"

Start picking through the volunteer's hair.
"Here we are .. no, that's not Fred." toss the flea over your shoulder.
"Ah! No, that's not Fred."
"That's not Fred."
"Fred, are you in there?"
"That's not Fred either."
"Fred? Aha! Here he is! He's had a rough day, we're done now."

Fred the Flea Camping Skit