Great Raisins Camping Skit

Great Raisins Camping Skit

Great Raisins   Great Raisins Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Required:5 or more campers.
big dark-colored garbage bag for each.
Preparation:all but one camper puts a garbage bag on like a coat - with a hole cut out for his head.
Script:All campers but one are Raisins and they come on stage and line up. They sing the Raisin Bran song.
"We are the raisins that make the Raisin Bran so great." over and over and over ...

Last camper walks onto stage with his fingertips together over his head so his arms make a big circle - he is the spoon.

Raisins: Spoon! Aaaaaah! (and they all run around in a panic, but not too fast)

The 'spoon' catches one raisin and takes him offstage.

Raisins line up, settle down, and start their song again.

Spoon reappears and takes another raisin.

Repeat until only one raisin is left. He stands there sadly and sings:
"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner ..."

For added fun, have the 'spoon' enter the stage the 2nd or 3rd time with only one arm pointing straight up - he's a knife. :-)
One Raisin yells - "Spoon!!!"
Another yells - "Hey, its just a knife! I think he's after the jelly." and they all settle down while the knife walks across.

Can do the same thing with both arms pointing up with elbows bent to the side slightly - a fork. :-)
One Raisin yells - "Spoon!!!"
Another yells - "Relax, that's a fork! The eggs are in trouble now!" and they all settle down while the fork walks across.

Great Raisins Camping Skit