My Centipeed Camping Skit

My Centipeed Camping Skit

My Centipeed   My Centipeed Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit has gross parts.

Required:6 campers
one good-humored volunteer (victim)
one safe volunteer
paper cup of water
sheet or blanket
Preparation:5 campers line up single file with blanket over their heads and covering them - they are a centipede. The last camper has a small cup of water hidden.
Script:Camper 1: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Sinbad, my pet centipede! (centipede enters center stage) I have spent many hours training him to do the most amazing tricks. To demonstrate his talents, I need 2 volunteers from the audience please. (choose 2, one will be a victim)

Camper 1: Please stand here and here (instructs volunteers to stand a couple feet apart) And, now my centipede will run circles around these two. Sinbad, GO! (centipede trots around the volunteers. Wait until the centipede is between the volunteers and audience to tell him to stop)

Camper 1: Sinbad, STOP! Wasn't that amazing! For his next trick, my centipede will sit. Sinbad, SIT! (campers all crouch way down) Wonderful! Sinbad, UP!

Camper 1: For my centipede's most awesome trick, he will demonstrate his fancy footwork. Volunteers, please lay down here and here. (have them lay down with feet facing audience about 3 feet apart)

(camper guides Sinbad to the side of the safe volunteer to set up the trick)
Camper 1: Now, my centipede will walk over these two brave souls without touching them with any of his many feet. Everyone, please be quiet so my centipede can concentrate. Sinbad, GO!

(the centipede carefully steps over the first and second volunteer. Just as the last camper is over the last volunteer, Sinbad stops and the last camper lifts his leg facing toward the audience and slowly pours the glass of water on the victim's pants.)
Camper 1: Oh no! My centi-PEED! (and, they all run off)

My Centipeed Camping Skit