Nuts, the Elephant Camping Skit

Nuts, the Elephant Camping Skit

Nuts, the Elephant   Nuts, the Elephant Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Required:large grey blanket
4 campers
1 cup of water
Preparation:2 campers bend over at waist, 2nd holding waist of first. Put blanket over them to create an elephant.
2nd camper holds a cup of water in one hand at the waist of the first.
Script:Remember, the elephant's name is 'NUTS' - that is important.
It's also important to have a volunteer you are pretty sure can take a joke and getting wet.

Trainer: Ladies and Gentlemen, have we got a treat for you today! Please welcome my new trained elephant, 'NUTS!'.
"Come, Nuts!" - and the elephant walks onstage.
"Stop, Nuts!" - and the elephant stops.

Trainer: Folks, you will be amazed at the tricks NUTS can do. Watch this.

"Sit, Nuts!" - the back end squats down.
"Stand, Nuts!" - the back comes up.

Trainer: NUTS is so well trained, he can walk over people. I will need a couple volunteers for this trick. I promise he will not step on you.
(it may take some coaxing to get two volunteers)

Have volunteers lay down on the floor beside each other with space between.

Trainer: "Walk, Nuts!"

From the back of the room, as NUTS is stepping over the volunteers, the last camper walks forward, shouting: "Pea-nuts! Pea-nuts! Get your Pea-nuts here!"
(and, of course, the 2nd camper in the elephant lifts one leg and pours the cup of water.)

Nuts, the Elephant Camping Skit