Operation Camping Skit

Operation Camping Skit

Operation   Operation Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Required:5 campers
a sheet of paper
bright spotlight
large white sheet
frying pan or wooden mallet
stuffed toy, coiled rope, tin can, ... selection of items in a box
Preparation:the table is set up center stage with the bright light behind it and almost at the same height as the table, aiming at audience.
Two campers are needed to hold the sheet up between the audience and table
Doctor needs to set the box on the floor behind the table and place all the items on the table while being shielded from the audience and the light is off.
Script:Doctor and nurse are in his office.
Camper comes running in, holding a sheet of paper in his hand.

Camper: Hey, Doc, I really need your help.

Doctor: Certainly! Nurse, anesthetize the patient!

Camper: But, Doc!
(Nurse pulls out mallet or frying pan and pretends to thump camper on the head.)

Camper 'falls' onto his back on the table so his head is at one end and his feet at the other. All the items are beside him on the table.

The nurse turns on the spotlight.

Doctor cuts open the patient's stomache and pulls out items one at a time and tosses them aside. The fun is in the shadows cast on the sheet as he pulls items out. He might adlib for each item he finds.

Occasionally, the patient can begin to "come to" and say "BUT, DOC!" and the nurse should quickly thump him again as soon as he starts to talk.

Finally, the doctor finishes and sews up the patient.
The sheet is lowered.

Doctor: There, all done! Wake up, sir! You should feel much better now.

Camper: But, Doc! (holds up paper) I just needed your help in finding this address!

Operation Camping Skit