Run-aways Camping Skit

Run-aways Camping Skit

Run-aways   Run-aways Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Script:You need three campers to play trees.
You need three campers to be running away from the dogs.
You need three campers to be two dogs and a warden.

Three campers stand on stage, playing the role of trees.

Three run-away campers come running on stage from the side with dogs barking offstage.

Run-away #1: Quick, we've got to hide. The warden with his dogs are right behind us!

Run-away #2: Hey, climb these trees and pretend to be an animal and they'll never catch us!

Run-away #3: Good idea!

(all three climb a different tree)

(Warden comes on stage, with two dogs barking and sniffing the trail to the first tree. The dogs start barking up the tree.)

Run-away #1: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Warden: Dumb dogs, there's just a bird up there, let's go!

(dogs bark and sniff to the 2nd tree)

Run-away #2: Meow, Meow, Meow

Warden: Dumb dogs, that's just a cat up there.

(dogs bar and sniff to 3rd tree)

Run-away #3: Mooooooo!

(Dogs bark in a frenzy and warden gets the run-away)

Run-aways Camping Skit