Shady Realtor Camping Skit

Shady Realtor Camping Skit

Shady Realtor   Shady Realtor Camping Skit   Camping Skit

This Skit is meant for older campers.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger campers or not.

Required:5 campers - realtor, house buyer, echo 1, echo 2, dumb echo
Script:(Realtor is onstage alone and looking worried about life)
Realtor: Man, the house business is awful. No one's buying anything these days. I've really got to get some houses sold this month!

(Buyer walks onstage and up to the Realtor. You might want the buyer to use a dracula or scary accent, whatever.)
Realtor: Good morning! What can I do for you?
Buyer: Hello, I want to buy a house. But, not just any house. I have specific requirements. Think you can help me?
Realtor: Why certainly! You've come to the right place. You can trust me! What are you looking for?
Buyer: I need a haunted house. It must be very dusty, and have an echo, and have a red door. These are important things to me and I am ready to pay handsomely for the perfect house.
Realtor: Why, this is your lucky day! I just got a listing today for such a house. I need to call the owner and set up an appointment. Come back in one hour and I can show it to you.
Buyer: Wonderful. I'll be back.
(buyer walks offstage)

Realtor: OK, a red door - no problem, I've got some spraypaint out back. Dust - I'll empty out Mable's vacuum cleaner. Echo - echo? Where can I get an echo?
(echo #1 walks by)
Realtor: Hey, buddy, want to make a buck?
Echo #1: Sure!
Realtor: OK, go hide over there.
(echo #2 walks by)
Realtor: Hey, buddy, want to make a buck?
Echo #2: Sure!
Realtor: OK, go hide over there.
(dumb echo walks by)
Realtor: Hey, buddy, want to make a buck?
Dumb Echo: Uh, Hay is for horses. Yuck, Yuck.
Realtor: Look, do you want to earn a quarter?
Dumb Echo: Huh? A quarter of what?
Realtor: How about a dime?
Dumb Echo: Oh, Yeah!
Realtor: OK, go hide over there.
(the three echos should be lined up across the back or along one side of the stage, with Dumb Echo the last)
Realtor: Now, all you have to do is repeat what I say. Now, be quiet.

(Buyer walks up from the other side of stage)
Realtor: Hey, here's your house. Notice the bright red door?
(opens door and both walk in)
Realtor: Notice the dust all over the place?
Buyer: Yes, it looks very nice. But, what about the echo?

Realtor: Well, let's see. HELLO!
Echo #1: hello
Echo #2: hello
Dumb Echo: uh, hi
(buyer looks a bit miffed)

Realtor: Let's try that again. BUENOS DIAS!
Echo #1: buenos dias
Echo #2: buenos dias
Dumb Echo: What did he say?
(buyer steps toward realtor with a threatening look)

Realtor: Well, umm. WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Echo #1: what do you want
Echo #2: what do you want
Dumb Echo: I want my dime!

(buyer and 3 echos chase the realtor offstage)

Shady Realtor Camping Skit