Worst Breath Camping Skit

Worst Breath Camping Skit

Worst Breath   Worst Breath Camping Skit   Camping Skit

Required:1 good-humored victim.
4 or more campers
a blanket or jacket to cover one camper's head
One camper is the dragon with horrid breath and is under a blanket.
Another camper is the circus caller getting brave people to pay money to take a look at the dragon.
The rest are customers planted in the audience.
Script:Camper #1: I'm looking for some very brave souls to face my hideous dragon. No one has ever survived an encounter with this dragon. Who will be a volunteer?

(a plant is chosen to come forward)

Camper #1: Yes, sir, you appear to be quite brave. All you need to do is peek under the blanket and say "Hello" to my dragon.

(volunteer lifts the edge of the blanket and says Hello. When the dragon replies, "Hellooooo" with a long breath, the volunteer makes ghastly coughing noises, stumbles to the side out of the way, and collapses.

Camper #1: How about another volunteer?
(he continues taking his 2 or 3 plants and then finally calls on the victim)

When the victim lifts the blanket and says Hello, the dragon coughs and collapses.

This is a knock-off of Ugliest Man in the World skit.

Worst Breath Camping Skit